Alfonso XIII

Definition: Brandy made from spirits, distilled from excellent wines, prepared from medium strength wine spirits (77% Alc. Vol.) matured and aged in oak casks.

Alcohol content: 36% Alc./vol.

Type of Product: Brandy de Jerez Solera Reserva.

Sugar content: 17 g./l.


Selected high-quality white wine spirits aged for at least three years in American oak casks according to the traditional system of Soleras and Criaderas.

Tasting Notes

Amber coloured brandy of extraordinary character, a result of the careful selection of the grapes used as the raw material and the length of its aging. Very balanced flavour and fragrant finish.

Suggestions for consumption

Due to its great versatility and quality this brandy is recommended both with a mixer and as an ingredient of numerous cocktails, as well as neat or on the rocks.

Alfonso I
Alfonso I